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Temperature Management Solutions

When you work with Kaizen, you’re putting our broad platform of products and extensive application knowledge to work for you. Our engineering, manufacturing and site service personnel stand ready to deliver a complete Temperature Management Solution to exceed your performance specifications, meet your budget expectations and minimize risk to your overall operations.

Kaizen Temperature Management Solutions platform provides Process Temperature Maintenance and freeze protection / Winterization solutions for pipes, tanks, valves and instrumentation, along with specialty solutions for long pipe line heating, foundation heating and snow/ice melting.

Process Heating Solutions

Around the world, Kaizen brings a level of process heating engineering experience, site service acumen and superior products that you won’t find anywhere else. Over the past 23 years, our application experts and design engineers have solved more process heating challenges and created more unique, customized solutions than anyone.

Component Heating Solutions

Every heating challenge is unique – some are simple while many are highly complex. Kaizen partners with our customers to find the right solutions to fit their unique needs. That’s why we provide the industry’s most comprehensive offering of heaters, controls, and temperature sensors. Our experienced engineers will work with you to develop complete thermal solutions for their unique applications.

Kaizen Component Technologies products perform highly critical functions in applications ranging from Super Plastic Forming of aircraft bodies to remediation of contaminated soils present at Oil & Gas sites to vital medical care equipment in hospitals. We design and manufacture the heating element source (including flexible heaters, cartridge, tubular, and band heaters, as well as sophisticated multiple zone, high temperature Maxi-Zone heaters), single and multiple zone temperature and power controllers, and temperature sensing and input devices.

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