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May 2019

Storage tanks and pipes at biofuel industrial plant

Tank heating

Tank heating: perfectly heated tank containers Whether for storage or transport, whether water tank, oil tank or tank container for chemicals, highly viscous or natural substances: an electrical trace or tank heating system ensures that substances of all kinds – from sensitive chemicals such as MDI… Read More »Tank heating


Open space heating

Keeping ramps, stairs, sidewalks and driveways free of ice and snow Ice and snow make many a ramp, stairway, walkway and driveway a slippery experience. With freezing temperatures, they present an increased risk for vehicle and personal accidents. Keeping access… Read More »Open space heating

IBC Heater

IBC Heater

An IBC heater (also container heater) is an uncomplicated and efficient solution for keeping an intermediate bulk container (IBC) including its contents warm* on site. In industry, there are a number of different substances that are stored in IBC tanks. Many of these substances… Read More »IBC Heater