About Our

Heat Tracing Company

The Kaizen Group has remained a family run enterprise since its creation. We place high importance on human values and innovation which have built our reputation.
Constant innovation

The needs of our customers continuously evolve, so our priority is to support them loyally throughout their development.The men and women of the Kaizen Group have a strict work philosophy: a solution exists or can be found for every problem.

A spirit of service

Our customers are the central focus of our activities.Our availability and attentiveness enable us to understand and anticipate their needs as effectively as possible, while delivering a high-quality service at all levels.

Self-Regulating Heaters

Self-regulating heating cables have become the most common form of electric heat tracing cable used in the world today. Heat Trace Limited is now considered to be the leader in heating cable polymer technology, with a range of self-regulating heaters that are technically superior to other products currently available.

Freeze protection of pipework and vessels; process temperature maintenance; heating of roads, ramps, walkways, etc; roof and gutter heating and under floor heating.

We can produce self-regulating heating cables within the following ranges:

  • 12 – 277 Volts
  • Up to 250°C (482°F) withstand temperature
  • Up to 60 W/m of output
Constant Wattage Heaters

We have been producing constant power heating cables for over 25 years. Constant Wattage heating cables, as their name suggests, are designed to deliver the same power output irrespective of pipe temperature.

These cables can be used for a wide variety of applications including freeze protection of pipework and vessels and process temperature maintenance.

We can produce constant power heating cables within the following ranges:

  • 12 – 1000 Volts
  • Up to 425°C (797°F) withstand temperature
  • Up to 50 W/m of output
Series (Longline) Heaters

Series Resistance heating cables have to be individually designed into particular length and load configurations and so are not as versatile as parallel cables.

However, an advantage is that long circuit lengths are possible. Typically 3-phase Longline heating cables require electric supply points only at multi-kilometre intervals. So the major use for series heaters is long pipelines.

We can produce series resistance heating cables within the following ranges:

  • Up to 1000 Volts 3 phase
  • Up to 230°C (446°F) withstand temperature
  • Up to 50 W/m of output


Our Mission

Commited to innovation and quality

Kaizen’s range of flexible heating elements is manufactured in accordance with quality requirements, not only from the technical standpoint, but also in the way in which our different departments work closely with each other and with our clients.

A complete range of high quality certified products for your projects

The thermal, electrical, chemical and mechanical characteristics of our products are designed, validated and checked in our laboratory throughout the manufacturing process and then monitored during the years they are in production for optimum safety and traceability.

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How We Work

Strong research and development team

Our professional engineers team has very new ideas, strong development ability, able to solve all your technical problems.

We have strong design team and provide OEM solutions

Our professional design team will be able to design the package what you want in 30 days. We provide the whole product solutions.

High reputation in our overseas customers

Our customers from all over the world, Our cooperation has always been based on honest and mutual benefit.

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