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Open space heating

Keeping ramps, stairs, sidewalks and driveways free of ice and snow Ice and snow make many a ramp, stairway, walkway and driveway a slippery experience. With freezing temperatures, they present an increased risk for vehicle and personal accidents. Keeping access… Read More »Open space heating

IBC Heater

IBC Heater

An IBC heater (also container heater) is an uncomplicated and efficient solution for keeping an intermediate bulk container (IBC) including its contents warm* on site. In industry, there are a number of different substances that are stored in IBC tanks. Many of these substances… Read More »IBC Heater

Sample gas analysis

Temperature maintenance of gases and liquids When it comes to sample gas analysis, it is particularly important to maintain the temperature of gaseous media during transport from the sampling point to an analysis measuring device. For its application, it is… Read More »Sample gas analysis

Control and monitoring

Intelligent temperature control solutions play a critical role in today’s electrical heat tracing applications and contribute to ever rising standards in safety, reliability, precision and energy efficiency. The temperature range is from – 60 to + 999° C. Our electronic temperature controllers also comply… Read More »Control and monitoring

Heating Mats and thermal insulation blankets

Heat tape and heating cable

As a global provider of electrical heat tracing solutions, Kaizen offers a wide range of heating tapes, heating cables and trace heaters for various industrial applications. In most cases these are actually for freeze prevention or temperature maintenance. Due to the different designs of… Read More »Heat tape and heating cable