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Heat trace in industry

Heat trace in industry

Control and monitoring

Intelligent temperature control solutions play a critical role in today’s electrical heat tracing applications and contribute to ever rising standards in safety, reliability, precision and energy efficiency. The temperature range is from – 60 to + 999° C. Our electronic temperature controllers also comply… Read More »Control and monitoring

Heating Mats and thermal insulation blankets

Heat tape and heating cable

As a global provider of electrical heat tracing solutions, Kaizen offers a wide range of heating tapes, heating cables and trace heaters for various industrial applications. In most cases these are actually for freeze prevention or temperature maintenance. Due to the different designs of… Read More »Heat tape and heating cable


Electrical Heat Tracing in Hazardous (Ex) Areas

Safety is the key requirement, when electrical heat tracing circuits operate in hazardous areas. A Hazardous Area is a location where combustible gases, liquids and other substances are stored, transported or processed.

Research and development

Innovations and new technologies change the world. Therefore, science and technology are key topics of a modern society and its future development. With a practical goal in mind (e.g. the development of a product), companies as well as research institutions… Read More »Research and development