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Economical and energy efficient freeze protection, monitoring and control

The Challenge

When this manufacturer of acrylate monomers moved its operations to a different location, new piping and storage tanks that required freeze protection were added at the manufacturing facility. The company also needed the ability to cost-effectively monitor and control potential fault conditions on the outdoor piping and storage tanks..

The Solution

Chromalox SRL-CT self-regulating heating cable was installed to provide safe, reliable heat tracing for freeze protection of pipes and tanks. The industrial grade SRL-CT ensures operating integrity in this heavy industrial, corrosive environment. SRL-CT heating cable has a maximum maintenance temperature rating of 150°F (65°C), which was ideal for this application. The energy efficient, self-regulating SRL-CT uses less energy when less heat is required.

Enhancing the heat trace systems reliability and energy efficiency, Chromalox FPASM (Freeze Protection Ambient Sensing Monitor) panels were added to provide an economical method for monitoring and control. The FPASM panels provide freeze protection ambient monitoring and control to groups of heat trace circuits with an external controller/thermostat. The FPASM WeatherTrace Sentinel continually monitors the supply voltage to each individual heat trace circuit without the need for additional staff. Loss of voltage or a ground fault condition will trigger an automatic alarm condition, alerting plant personnel of critical process problems and reducing downtime. An annunciator panel then identifies the faulted zone and a common alarm is activated with the re-ring feature.

The Advantages

  • Energy efficient PASC proportional ambient sensing control
  • Safe low maximum sheath temperature due to self-regulating cable
  • Lower installed cost than steam tracing, less maintenance expense, and less downtime
  • Easy, reliable installation enabled by Chromatrace design package

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