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Gutter heating system eliminates ice dams

Gutter heaters, roof and gutter heating cable eliminates ice build-up and adds safety to assisted living facility

In snowy and icy conditions, gutters and downspouts can be damaged by ice. The resulting icicles are nice to look at – but they can quickly become dangerous for pedestrians and cars.

So there is not only the danger of them bursting. Additional  insolation causes meltwater, which can no longer run off. This is what causes icicles in the first place.

In the cold winter months, it is not uncommon for rain gutters or downspouts to get damaged. If the icicles also fall off, they can cause enormous damage and possibly even injure pedestrians. Appropriate frost protection is therefore necessary for several reasons.

Heating tapes: Frost protection for gutters, pipes and more.Optimal frost protection for gutters, downspouts and box gutters

Did you know that it is your responsibility as a homeowner to ensure that icicles on your roof are not  dangerous for pedestrians and cars?

Integrated heating tapes, which are merely low cost and low maintenance, counteract this. Not only are safety risks minimized in this context – proper heating also helps optimize longevity by providing reliable corrosion protection.However, gutters equipped with heating tapes can not only prevent falling icicles but also roof avalanches. Extensive safety is required, especially on public buildings.

These include:

  • Office buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Company buildings
  • Supply centers
  • Supermarkets

Heating tapes are yet also the perfect solution for pipe trace heating, as they also protect underground pipes, other pipelines or sprinkler systems from freezing. With a maximum temperature of 65 °C, there is no risk to plastic pipes, gutters and conduits.

In addition to the risk to pedestrians from ice on a gutter, damages to roofs, downspouts or other areas where icicles can form can also get expensive.

Avoid unnecessary costs with the right heating tape

Worst case: If drainage is not possible in the downspout, it will burst. A gutter heater from Kaizen is the perfect solution to protect your gutters, box gutters, downspouts or sloping roofs against ice, prevent damage and thus guarantee maximum safety.

Kaizen offers an intelligent solution for frost protection of water pipes, gutters, downspouts, box gutters and water drains. It is based on the technology of self-regulating heating cables.

The heating cables consist of two bus wires running parallel to each other, embedded in a cross-linked heating element doped with carbon particles. As temperatures drop, the distances between these particles decrease (molecular expansion), reducing resistance and increasing power. This process also works in reverse as temperatures rise

Low maintenance, maximum flexibility

Self-regulating heating cables are reliable and require minimum maintenance. As a result, they are designed not only for carefree operation, but also for long service life. For gutter heating, we use low-temperature heating cables ISITMAX – Kaizen SnowMax series.

Self-regulating heating cables can be operated with or without temperature controller. The heating cables regulate their temperature, but cannot be set to a specific temperature.

If you require a constant temperature, this must be controlled by a temperature controller. The advantage: you save even more energy. The cable does not have to be permanently in operation, as it would be the case without regulation.

Easy installation on gutters, downpipes and more

Kaizen offers a reliable and uncomplicated installation. The electronic ice and snow detector detects both humidity and temperature.The heating only switches on when the temperature is just above the freezing point and moisture is present at the same time. This makes it an extremely energy-saving solution.

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