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Gutter heating system eliminates ice dams

The Challenge

A colonial-style two-story municipal building in a Cleveland suburb was beset with build-ups of snow, ice and moisture in the gutters during the cold winter months. As a result, large icicles hung from the roof lines, posing a danger to pedestrians. The City wanted a roof and gutter heating system to alleviate the problem and they wanted the system to operate invisibly rather than via a traditional serpentine roof & heating cable pattern.

The Solution

Aluminum flashing is designed to be applied between the roof and substrate, making it virtually invisible to the naked eye once installed. Installed under the first row of shingles on the building, Edge-Cutter is heated by 1,000 linear feet of heating cable that runs down the gutter channel (the linear system uses less cable than would a serpentine system). The system is activated by temperature sensing controllers. When the temperature set point is exceeded, the system shuts down automatically.


  • In-line, under-shingle system is aesthetically pleasing
  • Heating cable reduces risk of pedestrian injuries and roof/gutter damage
  • System activates and shuts down automatically

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