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Hot oil control system is key to maintaining product temperature

The Challenge

A manufacturer of specialty automotive fluids and lubricants located in the southeastern U.S. was in the process of transferring an existing production line to another facility. The new facility, however, did not have the capacity on its existing hot oil system to feed the additional line. Adding capacity and running new piping would have been a major expense. The transferred line was to be run as a stand-alone system, and required a seal-less pump to maintain the high temperatures and pressure.

The Solution

The application engineering group at Chromalox assisted the customer with designing a hot oil temperature control system that met ASME code for high temperature and pressure. The new line includes a jacketed reactor that is heated and maintained at 690° F for production, plus a specially selected seal-less pump. A 150 kW Hot Oil System was specified to heat and re-circulate the systems heat transfer fluid through the reactor jackets, maintaining product temperature. Chromalox specializes in custom hot oil and gas heaters for many applications.


  • Cost savings realized from a stand-alone system vs. expansion of existing system and new piping
  • Design assistance and system flexibility helped customer reach desired code standards

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