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Kapton® heating technology reduces energy consumption

The Challenge

Chromalox believes in the application of our heating technology to conserve the earth’s precious environment and natural resources. A big part of this initiative is to employ low energy consumption as required by green initiatives. To that end, an OEM manufacturer of water heaters needed an entirely new approach to achieve on-demand hot water for consumer use without the need for gallons of hot water on standby. 

The Solution

Chromalox collaborated with the customer and recommended a Kapton heater design complete with custom tank, hardware, assembly, sensors, and testing package. Chromalox designed a custom heat-exchanger module with a unique surface area profile that allowed for super-efficient thermal transfer of on-demand heating without the need for a heated water reservoir. This was possible due to our ability to design and achieve ultra-high watt density to the super- efficient heat-sink design with proper controls.

The Benefits

The customer, an OEM, is now able to offer a new product line with a unique marketing edge. Their end users (end use consumers) now enjoy an option for cost savings on their energy bills, and very easy equipment maintenance. The design approach can be adapted to small applications such as an under the counter water heater used in a kitchen to high capacity washing machine and shower applications. Let’s not forget the green aspect of this design, which conserves our natural resources by using less energy more efficiently. This is a typical example of how Chromalox offers new innovative world class cost saving solutions to exceed customer expectations.

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