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Kaizen heat trace cables save lubricant products from scorching temperatures

The Challenge

One of leading-technology lubricant manufacturer and distributor was expanding its pipe rack modules, which contained a variety of top-quality consumer, transport and industrial lubricant products. A vital part to the expansion was ensuring that the product would maintain a stable temperature under scorching heat. An extension of the current self-regulating cable would need to be installed to sustain the temperature of the lubricants. The manufacturer was working with a different precision heating company which was not able to commit to the deliverables required in this expansion.

The Solution

Kaizen created a customized pipe rack module to fit the requirements of the extended area. Kaizen then delivered the pipe rack to the expansion site and incorporated it into the existing pipe rack module without fail. To ensure the lubricants maintained temperature in the hot climate, Kaizen installed approximately 14,000 feet of self regulating medium temperature cable through the pipe rack modules, and installed  digital thermostat to monitor the temperature of the lubricants. Installing medium heat trace cable was ideal for the expansion location because its energy efficiency allowed for less energy to be used in areas where less heat is required.


  • Enhanced project efficiency.  Because of its existing product inventory and design capabilities, Kaizen built and delivered project components directly to the site eliminating the need for third-party vendor involvement.
  • Increased energy savings. The self-regulating cable uses less energy when heat less heat is required.
  • Overall cost Reductions. Lower installation costs, as well as lower long-term maintenance costs and reduced downtime, saved the customer both time and money

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