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Expert manufacturer of flexible heating cables and elements

The Kaizen Group has remained a family-run enterprise since its creation. We place high importance on human values and innovation which have built our reputation.

Electric heating

With our electric heating solutions you can protect the environment and establish highly energy-efficient indoor heating systems for fast and easy to control comfort, or outdoor ice- and snow-melting systems for increased safety.

Heating cables

Indoor heating cables are used for a variety of applications, including indoor comfort floor heating and total heating, both for small houses as well as large commercial buildings. Heating cables are mostly used in connection with new build or larger renovation projects. Heating cables used in floor constructions are serial resistive cables, preferably twin conductor for easier installation. A range of single conductor cables are also available.

Heating mats

The heating mats are used for installation in a thin layer of tile adhesive, self-leveling mixture, or similar. The standard minimum thickness of the floor layer is 5-8 mm while the thickness of electric heating mat is 3–4.5 mm. This minimizes the floor level increase. Electric heating mats consist of a thin cable securely fixed on self-adhesive glass-fiber mesh, usually of 50 cm width. Thin heating mats are manufactured as ready-made heating sections with a specific area (i.e. 0.5, 1, 1.5 … 12 m²) including a power supply cable (cold lead) and hermetically sealed connections.

Heat trace

Kaizen Heat Trace manufacture the most technically advanced range of electric heat tracing equipment in the world, used in a wide range of applications, from Industrial, Commercial & Residential, through to Transport and Waste.

Self-Regulating Heating Cables

Since their introduction in 1995, self-regulating heating cables (also referred to as self-limiting heating cables) have become the most common form of electric heat tracing cable used in the world today.

Constant Wattage Heating Cables

We have been producing constant power heating cables for over 25 years.Constant Wattage heating cables, as their name suggests, are designed to deliver the same power output irrespective of pipe temperature.

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Expert manufacturer of flexible heating cables and elements