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Avoid Frost Heave Damage in Cold Storage Facilities with Electric Heat Tracing

The demand for commercial cold storage has been on the increase for several years and has actually accelerated in the last year as the need for protection against frost heave damage grows. This growth has been driven by changes in consumer shopping behavior and even the need for cold storage for vaccines.

How Can You Protect Commercial Cold Storage Facilities?

One of the challenges to successful operation of cold storage facilities is the prevention of frost heave. Freezing temperatures can seep through the floors of cold rooms and freezers, even if they are insulated. As the soil underneath freezes, capillary action draws water into the frozen areas where the water forms a concentrated ice mass. This growing ice mass can result in the freezer floor heaving, causing damage to the structure, business disruption and putting valuable inventory at risk.

Kaizen SnowMax frost heave prevention systems are a proven and efficient solution to prevent these negative outcomes. Our solutions consist of rugged and reliable electric trace heating cables that are installed in the subfloor which is monitored and regulated by an advanced controller that integrates into a facility’s building management system to prevent the soil under the structure from freezing.

Effective frost heave prevention heat tracing cables are embedded in concrete floors, making them ideal to prevent heaving in soil under freezers, refrigerated warehouses, and cold rooms.

How Can Kaizen Help Avoid Frost Heave Damage?

Kaizen  electric heat tracing systems are environmentally safe, energy-efficient, easy to design, install and maintain, and are cost-effective.

  • Conventional hydronic heating systems risk leaking glycol into the soil, causing environmental hazards; freezer floor heat trace solutions are inherently safe
  • Kaizen offers a complete range of energy efficient control systems, with a solution for every need and size of freezer
  • Straightforward system design consisting of electric heat tracing cables, advanced control systems, smart connection kits and accessories
  • Kaizen frost heave protection systems require fewer components and cost less to install than complex hydronic systems and can potentially use renewable energy sources and lower carbon footprints

Kaizen are used for low temperature maintenance applications including where a cable with a Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) jacket is required.

  • The LSZH copper sheath provides an ideal ground path and allows for a rugged yet flexible heating cable that is easy to install
  • MI provides higher voltages, high output, 3-phase power, has small profile and is ideal for larger areas
  • The red LSZH jacket enhances cable visibility during installation

Before you begin renovating an existing building or constructing new commercial freezer facilities, connect with an Kaizen expert to discuss appropriate solutions for your project.

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