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Drum Heater and Gas Bottle Heater

As special as your need

Drum heating jackets are ideally suited for use where process media have to be heated up or kept warm. Warming a liquid reduces its viscosity, thereby facilitating pumping and filling operations. It also prevents crystallisation and flocculation. Solids can be liquefied. Thanks to their design drum heating jackets provide uniform heat distribution on the drum providing high flexibility of use.

The integrated controller simplifies the handling. A hook and spring fastening arrangement makes it easy to assemble and to remove the jacket. It is of course possible to produce individual solutions according to your wishes. We also provide versions for use in hazardous areas.

Gas heaters are ideal for controlling temperature and stabilising pressure in gas bottles. It is necessary to heat cylinders until they are completely empty, particularly in the case of higher value gases. In many areas of use, keeping the cylinder‘s contents free of ice is also an important aspect. For quick and easy use, the appliances are hinged, and fitted with a quick-release fastener and handles. It is of course possible to produce individual solutions according to the customer’s wishes – just ask us. Versions for use in a potentially explosive atmosphere are also available, if required.

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