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Heating Mats and thermal insulation blankets

Kaizen is a global provider of electrical heat tracing. Our wide product range includes self-regulating heating cables, series or parallel resistance trace heaters, mineral-insulated trace heaters. Kaizen heating mats and thermal insulation blankets are used in an extensive range of applications such as for heating bunker tips, IBCs, fans, pumps and many more. Flexible heating mats and jackets are also indispensable in research and development as well as nuclear technology

Where can a heating mat or heating jacket be installed?

Flexible heating mats and thermal insulation jackets provide optimum heat transfer with good heat distribution. Heating mats are the ideal solution for simple level surfaces. They can also be manufactured separately from the insulation upon request. Thermal insulation jackets are used when uniform heating of surfaces with more than two levels is required. Very flexible thanks to custom-made segments, they can be produced to match almost any shape. The blankets are easy to apply and remove with integrated heat insulation, which considerably reduces the installation and maintenance overhead.

Design of heating mats or thermal insulation blankets

Heating mats and jackets consist of textile materials which cling closely to the object being heated. To ensure a long service life, only high-grade materials are used. The selection of the material to be used depends on the conditions of usage. Criteria include the operating temperature and location of the application. 

Aluminium-coated glass fabric is used for surface temperatures up to 160 °C, while plastic fabrics are used for temperatures up to 80 °C. Textile glass is used up to 450 °C. Depending on the specification, our heating mats and thermal insulation blankets can also be manufactured for use in hazardous locations.

Thermal insulation blankets with a metal outer jacket can be used depending on the application, for example if high durability is required due to excessive load conditions. They are especially robust due to their design. Hinges, adjustable clamp fasteners and Velcro strips are used to compensate for tolerances in the external diameter.

Engineering your Advantage,your Processes in Expert Hands

We develop complete solutions for processes in production, storage, handling, and transport. Our engineers are committed to understanding your exact technical requirements.  Their pride is to develop the best possible heat tracing solution.

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