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Research and development

Innovations and new technologies change the world. Therefore, science and technology are key topics of a modern society and its future development.

With a practical goal in mind (e.g. the development of a product), companies as well as research institutions – such as the Fraunhofer Institute or the Helmholtz Association – search for new insights and solutions.

Often, this involves heating plant components or sample pieces to a certain temperature or keeping them at that temperature. These could be vacuum systems, for example, but also many components in the field of plastics processing.

In other development projects, gases may have to be kept at temperature so that an exact measurement of their values is possible.

This is where Kaizen can provide support. We can calculate the necessary heat requirement, develop suitable solutions for electrical heat tracing , and manufacture and supply the required products.

These would be for example:

  • Heating cables in many variants depending on the temperature range (up to 900 °C) and power requirements
  • Heating cables ready for plug-in connection for the laboratory area
  • Special hand-held control technology for the user in the laboratory
  • precisely fitting heating jackets for components (e.g. vacuum chambers) and pipelines
  • Heating jackets for use in clean rooms
  • Heating jackets for maintaining the temperature of gas cylinders, e.g. in gas cabinets (also in hazardous areas)
  • Silicon heating mats in many designs
  • The necessary control technology up to complete control cabinets for these solutions

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