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Turn-key, economical freeze protection designed into project

The Challenge

This customer’s natural gas compressor station gathers gas from numerous wells, and pumps the gas into a large pipeline which transports it to a processing plant. The compressor station is located in mountainous terrain, and it subjected to the fluctuating temperatures in the area. The varying temperatures cause condensation to form along the pipelines. There was a danger that the condensation could freeze and shut down the station. The station required a heat trace (also known as heat tape) system design which would protect the gas pipelines from freezing temperatures.

The Solution

Chromalox was contacted by the stations project engineering firm, and asked to provide insight on a solution. Chromalox engineers rose to the challenge, and provided a turn-key heat trace system design. The system was designed using model SRM/E self-regulating heating cable. This type of heating cable provides safe, reliable heat tracing for freeze protection. The system is controlled with mechanical thermostats which mount on the pipe and are set at 40° F. The thermostats turn the cable on or off as needed.

A similar system was installed on the facilitys oil lines, which provide lubrication for its pumps and machinery. Thermostats for this system are set at 90° F to prevent the oil from thickening, which in turn would halt the flow to critical components.

The two systems allow the station to run uninterrupted, and reduce the need for maintenance staff to monitor temperatures.


  • Turn-key services from design to start-up
  • Reduced costs. Reliability reduces the need for on-site maintenance staff

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